Origin of the Mielikki -jewellery

Kukkavuori is the birth place of many “Kannus” aka, Witch drums. One day, the Matron was looking at a board which was made from a over eighty-year-old rowan that she loves. Kannus had already been made from it, but a piece of it was still left. The rowan was the same one in which the grandfather of the farm used to climb when he was child. The Matron was thinking ways to use it wisely, as it was too precious to be burned.

The Matron summoned the ancestors, and the spirits of her and the farm. Among other topics, she asked ideas on how to wisely use the piece of wood.

KorviksetNext night dream was given to her. In that dream she saw first flower pattern. In the morning she draw it down to paper and started to work with that wood. Mielikki Metsänneito (the Maiden of forest) -korusarja was born. In that same dream she was told to sharpen her knowledge of every wood species she was working with. Find out it’s meaning to our past culture and anchestors, how it’s been used and what it has meant for past generations.

Her way forward was clear from that moment. Her beloved trees gained a deeper meaning, and she committed to telling stories of them for the generations to come, and to all whom were willing to listen to their story.

With every jewel you get short story how that exact species has been part of our every day life and traditions so that story of The Wood will never be forgotten.

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